The Problem with God's Holiness

“He will pour out His anger and wrath on those who live for themselves, who refuse to obey the truth and practice evil deeds.” Romans 2:8

God is the totally pure, holy being who abhors evil. That’s a good thing, right? Yes, but…

Habakkuk 1:13 (NIV) tells us, "Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; You cannot tolerate wrong." –-ANY wrong—big or small.

The problem with God’s holiness is we are not holy. Every time we sin (big or small) we break God’s standard of holiness, and His holiness demands that He judge sin—not ignore or excuse it. This is where God’s Holiness gets unnerving.

Throughout the Bible, God's Holy wrath is pictured as a destroying fire. His destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18) is a sobering example. Every unrepentant person perished.

Today, many people believe that actions do not have consequences. If you want to have extramarital sex, just use a condom. If you commit a crime, hire a good lawyer. Stealing items from your employer is okay because everyone else is doing it. The lack of teaching on true morality in our public schools and in society in general has lowered the bar.

This is how we sometimes approach God, too. "Our sins are not so wrong," we say. "What others do is much worse." The person who believes this has not confronted the absolute holiness of God. One small sin, one white lie, one hurtful word is enough to separate us from God's untainted holiness. That’s a big problem.

As the saying goes, the first step in solving a problem is to be brutally honest. Confess your sin to the Holy God who provided a solution to our sin problem through Jesus!

Your View of God Really Matters…

Are there any "small" sins in your life that you have ignored? In light of God's untainted holiness, how do you think God views those "small" sins? What do you think you should do?

If you’ve never accepted Jesus’ payment for your sins, that is the first step. If you have accepted Christ’s payment for your sins you can be sure every sin (past, present and future) is forgiven. There are still consequences, however, when you don’t confess your sins. Click here to find out more.

Read God’s Word Today…

John 3:36 NLT “And anyone who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.”

GOD, because You are Holy I know I need Jesus’ payment for my sins and I accept Him as my Lord and Savior.

Based on the writings of Bill Bright

©2019 Bright Media Foundation

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