“O LORD, You are righteous.” Psalm 110:137

When was the last time you said or thought, “Oops!” Did you say something you wish you hadn’t said? Did you do something you shouldn’t have done? Did you read instructions incorrectly and mess up a job? Can you imagine never, EVER, needing to say, “Oops!” God can.

Consider how God’s holiness and righteousness work together. Holiness is a condition of purity or freedom from sin. Righteousness describes how God acts as a result of His holiness. God's laws are holy because they come from His holy nature. God's standards for enforcing His laws are always righteous. Everything He does is right, one hundred percent of the time.

Our disappointments with God often flow from a sense that He messed up… God didn’t do what we thought He should do… God was wrong. Most of us wouldn’t say it that bluntly, but it’s what lurks in the back of our mind and sows seeds of doubt.

Confront the doubt with the truth. God’s holiness requires that everything He does is righteous. He acts out of his holy love, justice, faithfulness, mercy and power. He sees the big picture and every action is designed to accomplish His perfect plan—for you and for all who will follow Him.

You can count on His righteousness. God NEVER says, “Oops!”

Your View of God ReallyMatters …

Since God never says, “Oops!” what do you do when He isn’t acting in a way you think is best? First, confess the sin of thinking you know better than God… just sayin’… Then ask Him to help you to see what He sees and not miss the opportunity to see His perfect and righteous work in your life.

Read God’s Word Today…

Psalm 144:17 NLT “The Lord is righteous in everything He does; He is filled with kindness.”

Psalm 111:3 NLT “Everything He does reveals His glory and majesty. His righteousness never fails.”

GOD, because You are righteous I know You never have to say, “Oops!”

Based on the works of Bill Bright

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