Chapter Twenty-three


Talk about it:  I Have It All Under Control

"But the LORD's plans stand forever;  His intentions can never be shaken." 

(Psalm 33:11)

1.  We all tend to say "Good luck!" or "That was really bad luck," but do you actually believe in luck?  Why or why not?

2.  Read John 3:16.  What is God's ultimate purpose?  Do our choices in life make any difference?

3.  List some reasons why God allows adversity in our lives.

4.  Who is in control of your daily decisions?  On a scale of 1--5, indicate to what degree you have relinquished control to God in each of the following areas of your life.

(1 indicated not at all; 5 indicates completely)

___Who controls my bank account?

___Who controls my credit cards?

___Who controls my schedule?

___Who controls my relationships?

___Who controls my eating habits?

___Who controls my thought life?

___Who controls my TV remote?

___Who controls how I use my phone?

___Who controls how I treat others?

5.Read Ephesians 2:10.  Do you believe that God's plan for your life is better than your own plan?  Explain.

6.  According to Romans 8:28, what is God's part and what is our part?  Who will, and who will not, receive the promised benefits in this verse?

7.  If God is sovereign, what affect should that have on how, when, and where you worship Him?


Continue to review the statement and verse you wrote down last week, at least three times each day, to remind yourself that God has it all under control.  Ask Him to help you do your part and then rest in the fact that He is sovereign in all things.


God, because You are sovereign,

I will joyfully submit to Your will.

"All honor and glory to God forever and ever!

He is the eternal Kin..; He alone is God."

(1 Timothy 1:17)


Each time you read your Bible this week, think about the passages in light of God's sovereignty.  Worship Him and give Him thanks that He is in control and you are not.