Chapter Twenty-four


Talk about it:  I AM Righteous

"Righteous are You, O LORD, and Your laws are right."  (Psalm 119:137, NIV)

1.  Do you believe there is anything that is always right or always wrong---no exceptions?

2.  If god does not exist, where do moral absolutes come from?  What in the universe obligates us not to harm our neighbor or to always tell the truth?

3.  If your starting point for morality is "survival of the fittest" how can you build a moral system that protects the weak or requires you to "love your neighbor?  (or at least not "judge" your neighbor?)

4.  How would you describe God's righteousness?

5.  Why is God the only one truly qualified to set the standard for what is right and wrong?

6.  Read Psalm 97:2.  God's justice and righteousness are often spoken of together; why do you think that is?

7.  If God were not righteous, what implications would it have on His other attributes?


On an index card or your favorite electronic device, wrote the following statement and verse, or just take a picture of it:


God, because You are righteous,

I will live by Your standards, not the world's.

"You are righteous, LORD, and Your laws are right."

(Psalm 119:137, NIV)


Look at it when you get up, when you go to bed, and at least once during the day as a way of intentionally shifting your focus from yourself to God.  Thank God daily that because He is righteous, He has made you righteous through your faith in Christ and will help you make right choices this week as you focus on Him.