Chapter One


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure to read the info on the "Let's Get Started!" page.

Primary Goal:  Grapple with the question "Is your God too small?" and what implications that has on their relationship with God.  If we are honest, all of us must answer the question with a resounding "yes!"  None of us can completely comprehend the totality of who God is.  But many of us, in practical application, live in denial of who God really is.  His power isn't enough to overcome a problem or an obstacle, His mercy isn't enough to forgive a sin, His faithfulness may not come through every time, His justice only extends so far... 

Today you want to lay the foundation for a life-changing  journey.  Help your group to recognize the limits to their current view of God.  Give them freedom to share honestly about where they are and where they want to go.  God is not intimidated by their questions or their skepticism and we should not be either.  It is not your responsibility as the leader to prove God is who He says He is.  That's God's job.  The purpose of the group is to ask questions, seek answers with sincere hearts, encourage one another in the journey and ask God to guide the process.

Ice Breaker Question:

*What is one thing about you that surprises people?


What is something about God that you think surprises people?  Why?

Talk About It:  Is Your God Too Small?


“Great is the Lord!  He is most worthy of praise!  No one can measure His greatness.”  Psalm 145:3



1.  If someone saw a film of your life from the past month, how would they answer this question, “How big is his/her God?”.What are some examples that would lead them to that conclusion?

LEADER:   Use the following questions to help them with their answer: 

What has your prayer life looked like? 

What steps of faith have you taken or not taken?  

What answers to prayer have you seen? 

Have you struggled to trust God with something?  

How does the way you spent your money, your time and other resources reflect your view of God?  

How are your relationships affected by your view of God?

   Why do you think you see God this way?

       LEADER:  Some prompts you can use are:  family history, good or bad experiences with church or religious people, disappointment with God...

2. Do you think your view of God is big enough?Why?For example, do you question if He is big enough to handle your problems?

3.  As your view of God grows, what impact do you hope that has on your daily life?


4.  Although God is knowable, our human brains can’t possibly comprehend all there is to know about Him.Why is that important for us to keep in mind as we seek to know Him better?


5.  What do you think God is implying about Himself when He tells Moses his name is “I AM” in Exodus 3:14? Does that make you feel secure, fearful, small, grateful….?

     LEADER:  Potential follow up question----Of all the names God could have chosen for Himself, why do you think He chose the name "I AM"?

6.  Many religions reject the idea that God is truly infinite. They believe God was created in time and space just like us.Why is it such a big deal for us to recognize that God has no beginning and no end? Why is it impossible for something finite to grow into something infinite?

7.  How does the fact that God is infinite, self-existent, eternal and self-sufficient influence the way you see His love?

8.  As you look back over your life what is one event that had a major impact in shaping who you are today?

Focus on God

The next time a major challenge comes your way, ask yourself, "Do I believe God is big enough to handle this?"  Are you facing one of those challenges now?

This coming week, create a timeline of your life focusing on the events and times that have shaped who you are.  Keep your timeline with this book so you can refer back to it as you consider who God is and how your view of God has affected your life.



LEADER’S NOTE:  Encourage everyone to create a timeline of their life.  It's really helpful if you create your own timeline before the first group so you can show it to them as an example.  Here is a fictional sample:


1985 Born    1995 parent's divorce  1997 Move                  


Encourage everyone to spend time this week asking God to help them know Him better and trust Him more.