Chapter Four

The Primary Goal for this week is to ensure everyone has a solid understanding of what it means for God to be all-powerful and the implications if He is not.  When discussing God's power it usually raises other issues.  I.e.:  questions like, "Why does He use His power to help some and not others?" often come up.  It is easy to allow the discussion get away from the main point.  In such cases, remind the group that, although their questions are important ones, some may have to wait until later chapters.  The purpose of this chapter is to show how God is All-Powerful.  In future chapters we will discuss attributes that guide how He uses His power.

Ice Breaker Questions:

    What is the bravest thing you've ever done?


Webster's dictionary defines brave as:  The quality or state of having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty.  In light of that, do you think "brave" can be used to describe God?  Why/Why not? 

Talk About It:  I AM All-Powerful

"O Sovereign Lord!  You made the heavens and the earth by Your strong hand and powerful arm.  Nothing is too hard for You!"  (Jeremiah 32:17)

1.  When you think of the fact that God is all-powerful, does it help or hinder you relationship with Him?  Why?

2.  Does the fact that God's power will never be used to violate His other attributes make Him more or less trustworthy in your sight?  Why?

3.  What is the difference between God being all-powerful and simply having super-human strength?  Consider how the following attributes apply to His power when answering:

     Eternal ---- He has no beginning and no end

     Self-existent ---- no other power created Him

     Self-sufficient ---- He needs no other power source outside of Himself

     Infinite ---- His power has no limits

     LEADER:  Bonus question--Bill Bright said, “He (God) does not derive His power from any other source; all power has always been and will continue to be His for eternity.  Any power that we have comes ultimately from God.”  If God received His power from outside Himself, would He still be "all"-powerful?  

4.  Do you think most people picture God as truly all-powerful, or as simply having super-human strength?  Explain your answer.


5.  Do you have a sliver of doubt about the fact that there has never been and will never be anyone or anything more powerful than God?  How does your life reflect your answer?

LEADER:  To explore this further ask these question for yes/no answers:

     1.  Is God powerful enough to do anything?

     2.  Is God powerful enough to do anything in your life?

     3.  Is God powerful enough to do anything in your life whether you cooperate or not?

6.  How would your life change if you completely trusted God's power (i.g., your worship, life choices, sense of peace, view of others...)?

7.  Think of one thing you could do this week that would help you live in, or reflect, His power.

Focus on God

LEADER:  Encourage the group to take time each day to focus on God's power and what it means.  In addition to writing the verse and statement on a card, challenge them to record at least one example each day of God's power in the world and/or their own lives.

On an index card or your favorite electronic device, write the following statement and verse, or just take a picture of it.


God, because You are all-powerful,

I know You can help me with anything.

"O Sovereign Lord!...Nothing is too hard for You."

(Jeremiah 32:17)


Carry it with you throughout the week.  Look at it when you get up, when you go to bed, and at least once during the day as a way of intentionally shifting your focus from yourself to God's unlimited power.  Ask God to help you see His power at work in your life.