Chapter Five


Primary Goal is to encourage your group to begin applying the reality of God's power in their daily lives.  The questions are designed to help your group grapple with commonly asked questions regarding God's power. 


Remember, either God is all--powerful or He's not; there is no middle ground.  Chances are you will have some in your group who feel defeated.  They may feel burned out from trying to live the Christian life.  Maybe they are enslaved to their addictions and can't seem to break free.  Some may simply be tired of relentless pressure that wears them down.  Prayerfully, they will walk away from your discussion with hope.  Sometimes God uses His power in dramatic fashion.  I.e.:  Cravings for our addictions are suddenly gone.  Most of the time, however, it is a process; not because He loves us less, but because He knows what will best develop of life style of leaning on His power.  He gives us the power to take the next step, and then the next.   Encourage your group to take the next step.

ICE Breaker Question:

Have you ever had to overcome a huge obstacle?  How did you do it?


Answer the following questions with one word answers:

What causes people to doubt their own strength?    

What causes people to doubt God's strength?

Talk About It:  My Power Gives You Strength

"O Sovereign Lord!  You made the heavens and the earth by Your strong hand and powerful arm.  Nothing is too hard for You!"  (Jeremiah 32:17)

1.  What can we expect from God's power?  What should we not expect?

2.  God doesn't always use His power the way we want.  Read the story of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus in John 11:1-44.

     What was Jesus' relationship with the three siblings?

     Why didn't Jesus go to them immediately when they asked?

     What did they believe Jesus was powerful enough to do?

     How did their actions reflect their belief?

     How might you have responded if you had been Mary or Martha?

3.  Reflect on your timeline.  Have you ever had God say "no" to something you wanted Him to do?  Why?

     LEADER:  They may not know why God said "no".  That's okay.  Sometimes we won't know until we get to Heaven.  This moves into God's sovereignty (which we will discuss in a future chapter).  For this week, the question that must be addressed is, "Was God strong enough to do what was requested?" (whether He actually did it or not)

4.  Why can we trust God's use of His limitless power?

     LEADER:  Have them look at the list of attributes in the front of the book to help answer the question.

5.  Explain some of the ways you have experienced God's power at work in your life.

6.  What is the key to experiencing God's power?

7.  On a scale of 1 -- 10, how much of your life do you operate in your own strength and how much in God's?

8.  In the following list, which are easier for you to trust God has the power to help you overcome and which (if any) seem impossible?


     broken relationships


     sexual temptations


     financial crisis

     poor self-image            

     critical attitude                         






     other people's choices

     questioning God

9.  If Jeremiah 32:17 is really true, how can you draw on His power in the areas of your life that feel impossible to change?

     LEADER:  Read this quote from the chapter, "If we really believe God is All-Powerful we will no longer walk in fear and unbelief.  We will place our faith in God—not necessarily great faith in God, but rather faith in a great God who is omnipotent.  In turn, He will lead us into a life full of adventure and purpose.  I have found no better way to live!“

Focus on God

   LEADER:  If you have time, turn to  Appendix B, "How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit." and read through it as a group.  If there's not time to do it as a group, encourage each person to read it on their own (especially if they struggle to experience God's joy, peace or power in their life."

Continue to review the statement and verse you wrote down last week, at least three time each day, to remind yourself that God can help you with anything.


God, because You are all-powerful,

I know You can help me with anything.

"O Sovereign Lord!... Nothing is too hard for You!"

(Jeremiah 32:17)


To learn more about how to experience God's power in your daily life, review Appendix B, "How to be Filled With the Holy Spirit."  I suggest that you review it with a friend so you can talk about it.