Chapter Eighteen


Let's Talk About It:  I AM Just

"Everything He does is just and fair.  He is a faithful God who does o wrong;  how just ad upright He is!"  (Deuteronomy 32:4)

1.  What are strengths and weaknesses of our legal system?  Do you believe justice is always served by our legal system?  Why?

2.  What are some reasons judges do not render perfect justice 100 percent of the time?

3.  Which of God's other attributes ensure He always can and always will be perfectly just?

4.  Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements, and explain why.

     a.  God would be unjust if He ignored or excused any of my sin.

     b.  Since God is love, His love always trumps His justice when the two are in conflict.

     c.  The point of Jesus' death on the cross was to demonstrate how much God loves us.  But if I am a good person, accepting Jesus' sacrifice is unnecessary in order to go to heaven.

     d.  Accepting Jesus' payment for my sin is a necessary first step, but then I have to be a good person to make it into heaven.

5.  Why do you think it is hard for some people to accept that God's justice can only be satisfied through Jesus' payment for our sin?


6.  Read James 4:12.  Why do you think God says He's the only One who can judge?  What is the difference between judging and speaking the truth in love?




On an index card or your favorite electronic device, write the following statement and verse, or just take a picture of it:


God, because You are just,

I know Your justice will prevail.

"Everything He does is just and fair." 

(Deuteronomy 32:4)


Look at it when you go to get up, when you go to bed, and at least once during the day as a way of intentionally shifting your focus from yourself to God.  During one of those times each day, take a few minutes to reflect on the positive benefits in your life of God's justice.