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Brad Bright



President/CEO Bright Media Foundation

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Brad speaks from experience

22 years ago a friend told Brad,  "Your theology is incredible, but your application stinks."  He was right.  Many Christians today are in the same boat.  Brad challenges listeners to recognize that our daily lives often reflect a denial of who God really is.  Audiences drink in the practical application Brad lays out and walk away encouraged and excited about living in the reality of who God is every minute of every day.

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Making God the Issue: in the Culture

God is THE Issue.  In the introduction to his book Brad says, "There are moments in life when we must face reality, ask the tough questions and then choose a new course of action.  I believe American Christians are at one of those crossroads in the history of our nation."  Brad challenges audiences across the country with his analysis of the problems and solutions for America.  He unpacks the seven rules of social change and explains how in any situation you can either Rollover or React, or you can Reframe just like Jesus did. Listeners walk away with practical applications they can use every day.

Your 7 Duties as a Christian Citizen

Jesus calls his followers to live in the world but not be of the world. But what does this mean for Christians in America?  The moral decline of our country falls on the shoulders of those who are supposed to be salt and light.  When we neglect our civic and spiritual duties as Christians the entire nation pays the price.  Brad challenges believers to fulfill their God-given civic responsibilities as Americans and gives practical suggestions for how to effectively engage.

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Brad, Your talk at church today changed my life.