We can trace all our problems to our view of God.

FYI, although this site is not about a book, the book will forever change the way you see God!  Just sayin'!

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Do you agree?  Put it to the test! If it's true the implications on your life and the culture are huge!  We are here to help.

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Struggling to trust God...
Brad Bright

Something to

think about:

God and Kleenex

From:  Brad Bright's Blog

Who knew that a Kleenex box would play an important role in my life this week!

The other day I stopped by the grocery to buy a few items—one of them was Kleenex. I’m kind of a bargain hunter so I was looking at the quantity, thickness, and cost per unit for each kind of box. And then I noticed something very odd...


Make it personal. Get to know God better every day.

Why?  Because you can't trust someone you don't know.

How?  Start by reading GOD, Who are You Anyway?

Jesus promised His followers joy and peace.  He promised.  If that is not your normal daily experience either Jesus lied or you missed something.  Which do you think it is?

Discover what you missed.

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What are you struggling to trust God with today?  Take a few minutes to read today's eDevo (based on the writings of Bill Bright) and focus your heart and mind on who God REALLY is.

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